Private Kitchen

Private Kitchen

Private Kitchen is an online magazine about Dutch media composers and their music. It has a ‘kitchen’ look and feel based on the Dutch expression “take a look in the kitchen”: see what people do. And it’s based on the understanding that ‘cooking’ and ‘composing’ are strongly related to each other.

The magazine promotes Dutch media composers, their music and their role in the (inter)national media industry. It offers a platform for these media composers to present their work to peers, the media industry, and a general international audience. It facilitates conversations around one central question: How does music interact with other media forms? And how do these interactions affect the composer’s creative process?

In Main Course we interview an outstanding media composer. In My Kitchen we visit a media composer at his studio and ask him ten questions related to the design process of a media composer. And in World Cuisine we question a media composer who works on an international level about the peculiarities of an international career. Apart from this there’s a monthly column and the magazine offers the latest news about Dutch media music and related issues such as interesting projects, composer meetings, author rights, etc.

The magazine is produced by MiMM in close collaboration with ShortCutz Amsterdam and is published monthly. The magazine offers each month a theme, a context in which media composers are active: film, identity, games, interactive sound art and theatre.

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